Crete Cultural TourUnparalleledBook TourCrete Cultural TourOutstandingBook TourCrete Cultural TourOutstandingBook Tour Previous slide Next slide Minoan Palatian Centers Cultural Tour “Out in the dark blue sea there lies a land called Crete, a rich and lovely land, washed by the waves on every side densely peopled and boasting ninety cities. Each of the several races of […]


Santorini Cultural TourPhenomenalBook TourSantorini Cultural TourStunningBook TourSantorini Cultural TourMulti-colouredBook TourSantorini Cultural TourBreathlessBook Tour Previous slide Next slide Santorini Cultural Tour Santorini, or Thira, is one of the most beloved destinations in Greece and among the most romantic ones in the Greek islands. Enjoy the fabulous caldera villages, the romantic sunsets, the famous volcano, the myth […]

Philosophy Pathway

SymposiumJoin Us in our Unique ConceptBook TourWe Drink Wine and Converse Just like the Ancient GreeksBook TourLectures, Sessions, DiscussionsIn an Accessible, Enjoyable WayBook TourKnowing and UnderstandingThe Greek Culural HeritageBook Tour Previous slide Next slide Philosophy Pathways Join us for an enchanting trip back in time to the dawn of the ancient Greek philosophy, literature and […]

Greek Wine. Routes and Tastes

Discover the SecretsOf Wine MakingBook TourLet us Introduce you to the Ancient Greek Food & Wine CultureBook TourTaste Unique IndigenusVarieties of WinesBook TourFollow the Ancient Greek Wine RoutesBook Tour Previous slide Next slide Drink to your health… wine is the gift of the god «Bacchus opens the gate of the heart», said the epic Greek […]

The Art of Living Well

Reach the Thoughts and VisionsOf Greek PhilosophersBook TourThe Art of Living WellAccording to Ancient GreeksBook TourAncient Greek SymposiumDiscussion and EntertainmentBook Tour Previous slide Next slide We drink, eat and converse… just like the Ancient Greeks Join us to reach the thoughts, visions and directives that some of the wisest minds of humanity left behind thousands […]

In the footsteps of Pausanias

Ancient OlympiaHome of the Olympic GamesBook TourDelphiThe famous sanctuaryBook TourMycenaeThe kingdom of AgamemnonBook TourAncient MesseneA supreme archaeological siteBook Tour Previous slide Next slide In the footsteps of Pausanias Explore top historical places following the footsteps of Pausanias. The famous Greek traveler and geographer. An exciting trip back in time following the footsteps of Pausanias Pausanias, […]