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Experience Greek Heritage Like a Time Traveler, Not a Tourist!

If you are planning to travel to Greece and want to discover in depth the Greek heritage, then you are probably looking for a unique experience that will meet your needs for learning and knowledge in depth.

Whether you are interested in Greek History or Mythology or Philosophy or a combination of the above, Greek Philosophy Tours is here to provide you with a comprehensive experiential learning experience.

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What makes us different?

Private Tours Over Overcrowded Tours

Are you tired of being herded around with large tour groups, missing out on the details and personal connection you crave? Our private cultural tours are designed for individuals, couples, or small groups who want an intimate and enriching experience.

Expert Guides/Professors Over Unqualified Guides

Have you ever felt let down by tour guides who lacked the knowledge or passion to truly bring Greece’s stories to life? Our tours are led by acclaimed professionals/experts who, in addition to being excellent professors, are great communicators.
Assistant Professor of Ancient Philosophy at the Philosophy Department, University of Patras
Tenured Assistant Professor of Ancient Greek Literature Department of Philology – University of Patras
Expert Tour Guide
Expert Tour Guide

Tailor Made Itineraries Over Superficial Itineraries

Have you been on tours that barely scratch the surface of Greece’s rich history? Our itineraries are curated by experts, delving deep into the mythology, philosophy, and historical events that shaped the world.

Personalized Experiences Over Cookie-Cutter Experiences

Don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all tour. We work as a team to create a personalized journey that matches your interests and needs, whether you’re a history buff, mythology enthusiast, or philosophy lover.”

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With our private tours, you’ll gain privileged access to hidden gems, engage in meaningful conversations with local experts, and most importantly create memories that will last a lifetime.

If you are interested in creating together an experience that will enrich your knowledge of Greek heritage, please do not hesitate to contact us through the contact form below.